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Notre Dame Cathedral Hotels

Finding a Place to Stay in Paris – Hotels Near The Notre Dame Cathedral

Anyone who’s planning to go to Paris may encounter problems finding hotels to stay in. For the uninformed tourist, they may end up with a costly stay in a mediocre hotel. Knowing what kind of place you’d want to stay and what to expect during the hunt will make your stay in Paris a great experience.

Notre Dame Cathedral Hotel Options:

The Notre Dame Cathedral (which is also known as Notre Dame de Paris which is French for “Our Lady of Paris” and which is also sometimes just referred to as “Notre Dame”) is a Roman Catholic cathedral of historic importance located on the eastern half of Paris’ Île de la Cité.

This site already extensively covers why the Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the top tourist attractions in Paris and so it’s obvious that staying close by would be a real treat for a visitor to Paris.

A Few Notre Dame Hotels: (Complete List of Hotels Here)

Holiday Inn Paris Notre Dame – this is a four star hotel which is truly amazing to stay in and is located right by Notre Dame along the banks of the Siene River right in the center of Paris. You are of course also right by the the Panthéon and Luxembourg Gardens. From the rooftop garden terrace of the Holiday Inn Notre Dame, you can see panoramic views of these attractions and around Paris.

The Hotel Agora Saint Germain – This hotel is very affordable and is right in the heart of Paris in between two world-class Paris attractions, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Pantheon.

When Visiting Paris, General Tips:

It’s important to have everything ready for your trip in advance since Paris has limited affordable hotels but accommodates around 30 million people each year. But if you are unable to find one and are already in Paris, opt for staying in a hotel temporarily until you find the best place for you.

Do take note of the packages that come with your booking. Breakfast meals are often included but there are a few instances that certain hotels may charge you for it seperately. So, be sure to verify during check-in and check-out and when booking online.

Don’t confuse yourself with double and twin rooms; double rooms have a large bed that would accommodate a pair and twin room has two single beds. Always ask specifically for these when checking in or make a note of it when booking over the internet.

The duration of the stay and the season will determine the quality of place you’d want to stay in. There are seasons where hotel rates are ridiculously high so plan your stay in during the spring or autumn. During these seasons, the crowds not that large and the temperature is great for those who are not accustomed to the cold weather. Do take note that there are a number of hotels that do not allow for an online reservation as these hotels are ‘old school’ and consider it be impersonal. So it’s best to email them or use a phone to book for a room.

Enjoy Paris And Notre Dame

Enjoy your trip to Paris. With the cities amazing attractions like the Notre Dame Cathedral and the many fine dining and luxurious hotel options, you should no doubt have plenty to do!